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Apple's comprehensive media player just gets better and better


iTunes for MAC

Free Apple ⇣ Download for MAC

Apple made this multimedia player-organizer popular long ago by putting it on all their mobile devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone). Now, it's a must-have program for anyone who loves music, movies, or books. iTunes is probably the most comprehensive tool there is for organizing and playing music and videos. It also includes the best-known (and legal) store for downloads and has become an essential tool to keep any iOS device organized.

Recently, Apple completely remodeled the program, giving it a clean, modern design that eliminated the sidebar shortcuts from the library. All the shortcuts are now located in a menu at the top. The search function has also been improved, as well as the new display screen and the classic mini-player, which is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to be distracted by too many choices when they go to play their favorite songs.

iTunes features full integration with iCloud services and the iTunes Store. It also features a new service called Apple Music, which is one of the biggest bets the company has made for the next few years.

As if this were not enough, iTunes is constantly updated with new features so it only keeps improving. It has become an essential tool for any music fan who has a large multimedia library.

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