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Simplenote for MAC

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There are plenty of tools available for creating notes, but most tend to include all sorts of unnecessary features and end up being too complicated and cumbersome when all you really want to do is save a few reminders you can easily find later on. Simplenote is the perfect example of what a note program should be, and its identifying feature is exactly what the name implies: it lets you make simple notes.

The program lets you create text notes that you can save as reminders, adding tags for future searches and easy cataloging. Simplenote is also a multiplatform tool and syncs via a user account so you can access all your notes from any machine, whether it's Windows, Mac, Linux, or a mobile iOS or Android device.

There aren't many other features, but the ones you do find are just as interesting. It's possible to go back and look at previous versions of your texts, simultaneously edit online with multiple users, and even automatically publish your text online, generating an exclusive URL from the Simplenote servers.

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