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Quip for Mac

Quip for Mac for MAC

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Quip is a powerful text editing tool for Mac that incorporates a large number of features to make life easier for its users. You just need to access the different options to find the one you are most interested in at any given moment.

The first thing you will notice when you start using Quip is that you have a very clean and tidy interface where you can quickly see all the documents you have created using the application itself. From here you can also create new documents and, of course, edit the old ones you have stored on your computer.

Although Quip 'sells' itself as a word processor, the truth is that it offers much more than that. In addition to text, it allows you to create and work with spreadsheets, or create folders in which to store all files of the same type.

Another interesting Quip feature is that it allows you to exchange text messages with other users of the application. Through this messaging tool, you can communicate with other co-workers to stay connected at all times.

Quip is a good word processor that has a wide range of features and a clean and elegant interface. Always with a practical usability that will allow you to complete each process quickly and without difficulty.

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