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Macs Fan Control

Take control over your Mac's system fans

Macs Fan Control

Macs Fan Control for MAC

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Macs Fan Control is a program for Mac that allows you to gain full control over your Mac's speed and temperature as controlled by its internal cooling system: its fans. Through a simple interface, you get the option to control the most relevant characteristics for each part in order to ensure the proper functioning of your PC.

Through Macs Fan Control you get to see each fan that's inside your Mac. This is very useful when you want to check or detect any possible anomalies or malfunctioning in one of these parts. Plus, via the interface, you gain individual indicators including the number of revolutions per minute for each fan and the exact temperature the blades are.

You should note you can also set certain values so that the fans on your Mac always revolve at a certain speed or increase their activity if the processor temperature is too high. This useful program can potentially save your computer from overheating and melting down.

Macs Fan Control is an excellent tool that's easy to install on your Mac and is particularly useful if you want total control over your system fans.

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