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Great tool to study your family's gene pool


MacFamilyTree for MAC

Free Synium Software ⇣ Download for MAC

MacFamilyTree is a very complete application that performs a deep study of the gene pool of any family. It is characterized by having a three-dimensional graphical representation of family relationships and by being compatible with the GEDCOM format.

The 'virtual tree', as the option is called, allows you to navigate the family tree and know the details of any person by simply placing the mouse above them.

It is also possible to access ancestor and descendant relationships of any family member, or the migrations done by each of them, visualized in the globe.

The information system is another added value to MacFamilyTree, as it allows you to extract diverse information of a family tree: the relationships that make up a family, the places they've lived in, birthdays and even main events that have happened in their lives.

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