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Integrated development environment for web 2.0

Aptana Studio

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Aptana Studio is an integrated development environment based in Eclipse that enables you to create applications for web 2.0 while working with practically any programming language.

It integrates server technologies, code assistance, and debugging for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Jaxer (an open-source AJAX server produced by Aptana). It also provides code assistance and syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Aptana Studio supports main AJAX libraries, including: jQuery, script.aculo.us, dojo, Prototype, Ext, YUI, and Aflax. It has a DOM inspector and includes FTP, SFTP, and FTPS clients as well as Cloud, the computational hosting service offered by Aptana.

You can use this environment to develop for platforms like iPhone, Adobe Air, and Nokia. It is also compatible with the use of CVS and SVN repositories. Download it as a plugin for Eclipse, or use it as an independent program.

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